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ATECA | Technology & Innovation Advisory for NFP's & SME's


Advisory... Done Differently


We empower NFP's and SME's with critical technology and innovation skills.

Unlimited Access - CTO expertise - Fixed Monthly Cost - Cancel Anytime

Easy Monthly Plans

No scope creep or hidden fees. Just one low fixed monthly cost

Business Technology Advisory

  • ✔︎ Business Technology Assessment (Once Off)
  • ✔︎ Day to Day Support
  • ✔︎ Technology Transformation and Advisory
  • ✔︎ Half Yearly Reviews
  • ✔︎ Monthly Newsletters
  • ✔︎ White Papers

Subscription Model Service


Our society is shifting from one-off purchases to consumption on demand (Netflix, Spotify, Scribd). That trend isn't slowing and it got us at ATECA thinking.

Could this work for consulting and advisory?


Our service is flexible to suit your needs of the organisation. Consume as much or as little as you want.


Getting It Done Right


A dedicated ATECA advisor will be assigned to your business which is 100% delivered here in Australia.

Call, Email, Chat, Tele and Video Conference. We may be virtual but we communicate in the way that will achieve the outcome.

We believe it's about the outcome, not the fine print. So if what you need is not quite in the subscription we will find a way to make it happen.


Our Vision Is Simple

We want all organisations to be empowered with the skills and expertise they need to thrive in a changing world.


There’s a growing divide between large enterprise and everyone else in their ability to navigate and embrace disruption.

Right now that force of disruption is technology and the people with the skills to effectively understand it and translate it into business objectives and outcomes are in short supply. And what happens when you have a high demand and low supply? A hefty price premium.

We saw this as a huge issue for SME’s and NFP’s who were priced out of the market to have ready access and consistent use of these skills to drive long-term success. Enter in ATECA.


“It’s an awesome yet scary thing. To see just how fast technology is advancing. How drastically it is changing the expectations of the market. And how little the majority of organisations know about its affect on them. It’s a real challenge we have set out to solve”


- Arvind Nathan, CEO of ATECA


Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Get key insights into technology & business by checking reading our blog or following our Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn channels.

Technology Strategy vs. IT Strategy

The thing that we always grapple with when we start to have the conversation about Technology Strategy vs. IT Strategy is that everyone has their own interpretation of what it is. Some people think that IT and Technology strategies are exactly the same. Some think that IT strategy is about the internal digital infrastructure and technology…

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Do You Need A CIO or CTO?

The CIO vs CTO discussion has become louder in small and medium business’ in recent years. These organisations realise that technology is driving incredible disruption and have usually hit a size where they can afford to add this role to their C-Suite. While they understand the importance of the role, they struggle with understanding which…

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How To Tackle Digital Disruption For NFP’s

It’s a very turbulent time for Not-For-Profits. This can be both an exciting time to be in the space or one of the most stressful. Which camp you might be sitting in will depend on the skills and expertise you have to Understand what is happening to drive this turbulence Your ability to navigate it…

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The IT / Business Friction

Does this sound familiar? “It’s frustrating that everything we need to do to tackle our market isn’t supported at all by IT. Our business priorities seem to be ranked at the bottom of the IT agenda” And why is this the truth? Just like the business transition, as technology has advanced there has been a…

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The Growing Divide

I liken what’s happened to technology over the last 20 years to what happens to a small business as they grow to become a large enterprise. In the beginning, you have that small team with each contributor taking on multiple roles. It allows you to keep costs low but at the same time that ability…

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